Frequent questions

1. What is corporate communication?

Corporate communication is the strategy that coordinates, plans, executes and supervises the communicational objectives for different audiences who have relationships with the organization or company. Corporate communications thus addresses the organizational philosophy (mission, vision, values and culture), corporate brand identity, reputation and public relations with all stakeholders.

2. What is Agencia deBroca?

deBroca is a corporate communications agency leader in the Paraguayan market. It is a professional enterprise that specializes in communication planning, relations with the media, corporate identity and design, business management and organizational culture.

The company consists of a team of young professionals and offers an ideal space for intra-preneurship and professional development in the field of corporate communication.

3. What does deBroca do?

deBroca generates a positive impact in the relationships between companies and organizations with their audiences by planning communication and public relations strategies, and through the creation and sharing of relevant content.

4. What does deBroca offer?

deBroca understands the importance of designing a communication plan based on rigorous diagnosis and, therefore, provides two types of services:

Content and Corporate Identity: Generation of informative content, organizational philosophy and brand design. deBroca also builds content plans for social media with a corporate style and approach.

PR and Media Management: deBroca builds strong relationships with the press (journalists and decision makers) and manages public relation strategies with trendsetters and key members of society.

5. What does corporate communications offer compared to advertising or marketing?

Corporate communications is a strategy that complements marketing and advertising. Corporate communications strength is to provide a long-term strategy, as well as additional content that highlights the intrinsic value of the institution, making the values and philosophy visible. In this way, regardless of the service or product´s offered, the company can transcend using its own positive reputation.

6. Why should I invest in the reputation of my company?

A brand´s reputation is of priceless value for any business or institution. It affects the degree of credibility the brand has. Working on reputation is an investment that ensures the corporate image is nourished with intangible value that builds trust.

7. What good do we obtain by investing in public relations?

The direct approach and the relationship that is established with the stakeholders of our organization are very important benefits that come by implementing PR strategies. This personalized approach humanizes the organization and consequently its credibility index rises.

8. What are Press Management strategies?

Press management elaborates publications for traditional media, with the goal of making the brand become the key focus point of a news event, and not an advertising piece. Studies show that a publication in the form of news is much more reliable and less likely to be forgotten by readers than an advertising piece.

To achieve this, we specialize in drafting the appropriate informative content, organize the logistics to find the adequate space for the information, and identify and reach out to the correct journalists depending on each subject.

9. What additional support do I get from working with deBroca?

deBroca consists of a multidisciplinary team of young professionals who guide clients in their visibility activities. To achieve a positive impact on it´s audiences, deBroca provides comprehensive support so that every component of the communicational process maintains the uniformity and consistency necessary.

For it´s clients, the most advantageous contribution they receive from working with deBroca is the seriousness, professionalism and resilience of the team, which constantly seeks to fulfill its promises and achieve great impact.

10. Why is planning so important?

At Broca we place great importance on the planning phase of every communicational effort. To know what to do, when, how and with what resources is essential for building good strategies and achieving effective results. We start our planning process by obtaining detailed knowledge of the baseline, and we do this by implementing a rigorous analysis to identify all the factors that are affecting the institution/company and its market.

Our planning process allows our clients to project strategies, assess their implementation and measure their impact, in order to determine how efficient the execution of actions was and to take corrective action if necessary. In this way, planning helps save money by avoiding unnecessary waste of resources on ineffective activities.

“If you do not know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”

Laurence J. Peter

What types of clients can deBroca help?

One of the most important features of deBroca is the variety of clients it serves. We seek to work with a diverse customer list, in order to enrich our experience and knowledge.

We have had the opportunity to collaborate with multilateral organizations such as the World Bank, the European Union and the ICCO Cooperation (Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation) and non-profit organizations such as AVINA, Moisés Bertoni, Paraguay Educa (implementing the One Laptop Per Child program),, Sonidos de la Tierra, and Plan International (Paraguay).

We have also worked with businesses and local associations such as Luminotecnia Group and the Industrial Association of Paraguayan Tailoring, as well as multinational corporations such as Shell and Itau Bank.