deBroca is the result of the common expectations among three very different people who complemented each other well. After having attended the same classes, their personal goals came together in 2011 and their dream to create a communications agency began to take shape in Asunción, Paraguay.

Federico Filártiga, Lucia Cardozo and Rut Sosa started this entrepreneurship race seeking to go after the intangible: image, positioning and reputation.

These three young professionals brought a wealth of experience to the project from having worked in multinational companies as well as in local media (radio and television).

They also shared a passion for social causes having managed institutional communications for non-profit organizations.

The deBroca Agency founders are aware that their proposal´s strength is the time invested in the design, building, and testing of each phase of the project with a unique and disruptive approach.

Today, deBroca itself is the flagship product of the agency; it reflects a meticulous process of defining the corporate identity and corporate values ​​of the agency and its services. As a result, for deBroca it is essential to provide coherent fresh and innovative services.