The planning process of strategic communication at deBroca allows our customers to have an action plan for 1 or 2 years. In this way, our planning serves various components:

We build brands

We create the concept, elaborate its name and offer a graphic identity.

We identify the problem

Through workshops with the client, we diagnose the factors that influence the performance of the business and define and support short-, medium- and long-term communicational goals.

Define the philosophy

We identify the organizational philosophy; what the institution does and the values ​​that make it unique.

We give suggestions on what to say

We define the talking points and develop the institutional speech to be used by the client as a script or guide.

We create relevant content

We show the ways to say it

We train spokespersons to empower them and optimize their performance in verbal and nonverbal communications with the media, through experiential simulations that provide security and confidence.
We create relevant content